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We’re Moving!

Congratulations Victory!In a overwhelming vote of 96% in favor of purchasing the new facility the decision to move has been made. Victory Christian Church is moving and will possess the land that God is leading us to. During this process the confirming word of God has been made known as four different individuals received confirmation…


Blessed to be a Blessing

God is a generous, gracious loving Father who loves to lavish gifts on His children. But it is important to fully understand God’s purposes for His blessings in our life. The question is not does God want to bless for that is certainly true; what should be asked however is God what do you want…


The Battle

I enjoy an epic battle scene when it comes to movies.  Who doesn’t love an incredible underdog story when the good guys are few, the bad guys are many yet the few win the day?! That’s exactly what we’re talking about when we read the story of Jehoshaphat (and no, I didn’t just type a…