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He has a time for everything

Have you been waiting on God for something in your life? Has it been days, weeks, months or possibly years? Have you waited so long that you may have even given up asking? If that is the case then don’t be discouraged your prayers have not been forgotten or misplaced. The simple answer is God’s…

“Come to me…”

So many things call for our attention in this life of ours; work, family, friends, sports, television, social media, smartphones, cooking, cleaning, dropping off, picking up, bills to pay, school events, homework, and on and on. Yet how many off these things that call for our attention provide us with strength, rest, clarity, encouragement, support,…

OCC Packing Night 11/18

November 18th at 7:00pm It’s time we collect all our Christmas boxes ready to be sent overseas. Instead of regular service, the church will assemble boxes, write letters, and pray over our box collection. This ministry is truly a blessing to children all over the world during the Christmas season.