Loving God, Loving Others

He has a time for everything

Have you been waiting on God for something in your life? Has it been days, weeks, months or possibly years? Have you waited so long that you may have even given up asking? If that is the case then don’t be discouraged your prayers have not been forgotten or misplaced. The simple answer is God’s has a time for everything and even though you may not see the evidence of your prayer you can be assured that God has not forgotten about it. God moves in a methodical precise and perfect manner in all things; we may not always understand His timing but what we do know is that He is at work in the lives of His people. I have learned in my own life how to let go and hold on at the same time. I let go of the worry and burden of my prayers being answered and hold on to the assurance that I serve a loving heavenly Father who is far more capable of directing my steps then I will ever be. He loves you and trust me on the day you see your prayer answered you will then better understand the purpose of His timing.

Be Blessed Victory and keep your confidence in Him!


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