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What Path Are You On?

Jesus said in Matthew 7:13 that “wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction”Jesus said that many will go through the wide gate, a gate that leads to peril, destruction and defeat. Today it seems that many are choosing the broad gate, the gate of compromise, the gate of relative…

loaves and fishes

You give them something to eat

Luke 9:13 – “You give them something to eat.” NIVInteresting statement from Jesus; in the midst of an impossibility He told His disciples that they were to do something in order for the people to be fed. Jesus would do the multiplying of the few fish and loaves of bread but He asked them to…


We’re Moving!

Congratulations Victory!In a overwhelming vote of 96% in favor of purchasing the new facility the decision to move has been made. Victory Christian Church is moving and will possess the land that God is leading us to. During this process the confirming word of God has been made known as four different individuals received confirmation…

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